There's a dark elegance when something is both beautiful & grotesque.



  • Image of Astarte

Original drawing inspired by the goddess Astarte

The drawing measures 4.25" x 6.25" and created on Strathmore mixed media paper with pencil, paint, and ink. This drawing does not come framed.

U.S. shipping only. Please contact me about international shipping as this will affect the price.

Image of Lady Nebula
Lady Nebula
Image of Death Becomes Her
Death Becomes Her
Image of She May Have Lost a Hand, But Gained a Trophy
She May Have Lost a Hand, But Gained a Trophy
Image of Medieval Monstress
Medieval Monstress
Image of Spider Chignon
Spider Chignon
Image of Snow Woman Ghost
Snow Woman Ghost
Image of Vampire Queen
Vampire Queen
Image of The Weaver
The Weaver
Image of Vampire's Desire
Vampire's Desire
Image of Portrait of a Diseased Dryad
Portrait of a Diseased Dryad
Image of The Vampiress
The Vampiress
Image of The Mourner
The Mourner
Image of A Sacred Heart
A Sacred Heart
Image of Between Place and Being
Between Place and Being
Image of The Witch's Claw
The Witch's Claw
Image of The Kiss of Death
The Kiss of Death
Image of The Weeping Eye
Sold out
The Weeping Eye
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