The Occult Activity Book Volume Two (U.S. Shipping Only)

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The Occult Activity Book Volume Two picks up where its eerie predecessor ends and continues the reader’s extraordinary journey through mysteries of the unknown.

Once again, find your happy place on the dark side while indulging your inner child with esoteric creative exercises. Whether you’re soothing your inner demons with mindful coloring of fiendishly-rendered illustrations or summoning them from the depths of hell with a mad libs-inspired wordgame, our Occult Activity Book aims to disturb and amuse in equal amounts and is a fun way to explore your favorite esoteric themes.

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WARNING: There is nudity in some illustrations, this activity book is for a mature audience. NOT FOR CHILDREN.

Product details:
–52 pages
-6" x 9", soft cover,
-Color cover
-Black-and-white interior pages